Pangu Jailbreak Team keeps on lying

You might have seen my previous blogpost from yesterday exposing how Pangu wanted to pay me with stolen Apple property for my silence about them stealing my work.

It was expected that they would fire back in some way. So they publish more of the conversation between me and @windknown. As you can see from this conversation I told him that I will never ever trust him again if they go forward with releasing stuff based on my work. And what follows is his desperate attempt to pay me with stolen property or money for the bugs they had already taken.

But Pangu and some others keep on bringing up these bugs and that they have been taken from the training. They ignore the far bigger issue that code from the training that does not come with a license that would allow it, was directly linked into their jailbreak. I repeatedly have proven this to be fact, although they did try to hide it by using obfuscation. And even in the ppuntether binaries it is easily visible that they used my code, because they forgot to strip the symbols.

Of course the Pangu posting goes on claiming that they only looked for these cables, because I asked them todo so for my iBoot work etc… Only problem with that lie is that I do not work on iBoot vulnerabilities. Also if it were true why didn’t I take them up to the offer to just pay me off with money and a cable. Yes why? Maybe because I had no interest at all in the cable. Maybe because I did not want to have anything todo with stolen property.

They also claim again that they did not offer to buy vulnerabilities from me for the jailbreak which is a lie. Actually right after the training when @windknown was asking me to come to his hotel room (there are several witnesses for this) this was all he wanted to talk about. He wanted to buy vulnerabilities/exploits from me for Pangu. But at that time I did not know the name. Keeping that in mind “Pangu” never actually paid for the training. Instead some other company did.

I really don’t know what deep problem Pangu has to admit that they offered multiple parties money to buy vulnerabilities. Maybe it is a “cultural thing” as @windknown used as excuse, maybe they really want/need the world to believe that this is all their own work…
Maybe… Or maybe they really never bought a vulnerability because despite their offers no one wanted to sell to them.

Furthermore Pangu claims I am delusional for saying that one of their friends asked during the QA session of my talk if I could provide evidence. I do not know in what world they are living. But there were several hundred people in the SyScan audience who heard him say that he is a friend of Pangu and that they wanted to know if I had any evidence. Everyone around this guy could see that he was on the phone/or chatting with someone while asking this question.

Keep repeating your lies Pangu …

Just keep repeating …

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